I am an interdisciplinary biologist, and am interested in both understanding patterns in biodiversity and in working towards maintaining healthy ecosystems. I aim to work with the best available information available towards these ends, including Indigenous knowledge and Western scientific data (largely genomics and life history data). I am keen to work with organizations of any type to do the work effectively, and have always worked with groups outside academia, including communities, industry, government and non-governmental organizations. My work is a combination of testing theory with empirical studies, and applied questions, and includes recommendations for conservation and decision support tools. Currently, I work with the Canadian Wildlife Service, and so of course have a strong interest in policy. Read more about my research here.

As a person who is visually impaired, I have also been involved as an advocate, mostly surrounding possibilities in science and education, but also as an educator and mentor. Read more about this here.

Please feel free to contact me (bowlese@gmail.com), and thank you for taking the time to explore.

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